Dialogue - Now You're Talking!

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Complete and in-depth, this 4-part series covers every aspect of communication. In today’s workplace, communication can be difficult. People have differing opinions and roles, and coming from varying backgrounds and cultures, may often have distrust for others. 

Improve productivity and help to build a strong and cohesive team by improving communication and relations between staff members. Using short stories and dramatizations, these videos will teach the basic tools and techniques of dialogue. Now You’re Talking! includes lessons on:

Communicating in a Diverse World – This introductory video will provide the basics of healthy dialogue. It contrasts dialogue with other forms of communication such as debating; and teaches foundational skills that will help your staff communicate across gender, cultural and generational lines. 25 minutes long, it can be shown alone or with other videos in the series. 

Dialogue for Cultural Understanding – Building upon the skills learned in the first video, this lesson is ideal for employees working in a diverse workplace. 24 minutes long, it will help to break down barriers that may lead to misunderstandings. 

Dialogue Between Genders – Continuing to strengthen and build better communication, this video focuses upon dialogue amidst men and women at work. 21 minutes long, it will make a great addition to a team building conference or exercise. 

Dialogue Among Generations – Learn to bridge the generation gap in the workplace. Using the basic skills of dialogue, this video shows how different ages can co-exist and work together positively in the workplace. Only 24 minutes long, it is both educational and entertaining. 

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