Dialogue - Now You're Talking! Program 1: Communicating in a Diverse World

This video-based training program is available in a variety of formats and delivery methods.
DVD: $725.00
Total Cost: $725.00
Video Length
25 minutes
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Managers, sales and production staff can all benefit from the skills taught in this video. Now You’re Talking! teaches the basic skills of healthy dialogue. It further shares the difference between other forms of communication such as debate, which can often lead to negativity. 

In today’s diverse workforce, it is important that employees be able to communicate in a respectful manner. Despite differing opinions and roles in the organization, a positive exchange of dialogue is important to productivity and overall success. 

Using numerous short stories, this video will help everyone communicate better and more effectively. It will also aid in building trust and breaking down barriers that may cause distrust or misunderstandings. Some topics covered include:

  • What is dialogue?
  • How to initiate dialogue?
  • Skills and techniques of dialogue. 

This video lasts 25 minutes and will make an excellent addition to a team building seminar or conference. 

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