Demanding Customers

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Demanding Customers presents a closer look at how to handle all kinds of customers. Every customer is an individual and some are more demanding than others. Even though this program doesn’t feature John Cleese, it still presents a hilarious look at customer service and how to improve it.

A number of realistic scenarios are shown to reveal how easy it is to frustrate or enrage a demanding customer. The program also shows the right methods that can be used to help diffuse tense situations and appease the customer through being respectful, efficient, polite, enthusiastic, friendly and tactful. These qualities dramatically change the outcome of each situation.

The techniques are simple, but have enormous value for anyone who handles customer requests. The information is presented in easy to understand clips that the viewer can immediately put into practice.

Demanding Customers will:

  • Provide entertaining scenarios that are realistic
  • Provide easy to follow methods that work
  • Present mnemonic learning tools

Showcase 4 scenarios for handling customers

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