Decisions, Decisions

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28 minutes
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Decisions must be made on a regular basis. Some are more important than others, but all are required to keep business moving in the right direction. In Decisions, Decisions, viewers will learn the two stages in the decision making process: deciding on what to do then putting it into action!

Decisions, Decisions takes a humorous approach at training through the board of Great Decision Makers. Here, John Cleese plays Alan Moore, a man being confronted by the Great Decision Makers to discuss an office move that went horribly wrong. The viewer is entertained and learns valuable lessons about what Moore did wrong and how the basic decision making principals could have made the situation much more manageable.

In Decisions, Decisions, the viewer will:

  • Learn how to make better decisions that are effective
  • Learn how to communicate their decisions to others
  • Learn how to turn a decision into action

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