Dealing with Crisis and Transition: How Organizations Transform Themselves Stanford Executive Brief with Charles O'Reilly III

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Many are surprised to learn that sometimes a successful firm will fail. In Dealing with Crisis and Transition, renowned Stanford University Graduate School of Business Frank E. Buck Professor Charles O’Reilly explains the concept of the “failure of success.” He discusses how the idea that sticking with a concept that achieved initial success can bring on short term strength, but may not be enough to support a company in the long term.

Dr. O’Reilly reveals that success brings growth, which nurtures inertia. When significant change comes along, resistance will be felt. In order to be successful long term, a company must learn to manage the here and now while preparing to move in the right direction.

Dealing with Crisis and Transition also shares the secret of a corporate that features change. When situations arise where the old ways aren’t working and new people are present, proper management of the corporate control system can bring about innovation and survival. Through a consensus, companies can implement new strategies and respond to change in a way that works. This business-changing discussion with Dr. O’Reilly will:

  • Explain the importance of a corporate culture that embraces change on a regular basis
  • How to make sure corporate culture and strategy stay in line with one another
  • Discuss how to break away from the bonds sometimes established by initial success
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