Dealing with Conflict

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Conflict has a negative impact on any organization. It distracts attention from team goals, productivity and other key areas. Surveys have proven that the average manger spends approximately 20% of their work time resolving conflicts. Employees are even more vulnerable, especially with the added responsibilities that come from empowerment and quality management programs. As companies ask their employees to work with more self-direction, share their opinions and communicate with a larger audience, the organization must have access to solid conflict management methods.

Dealing with Conflict offers techniques that are proven to work. The skills taught will make management more effective, however they are also intended for employees at all levels. When everyone knows how to deal with conflict, there’s far less negative impact when situations arise. The video shows three different scenarios depicted in business and personal settings. A dramatization presents five positions that are taken by most individuals when engaged in a conflict. These include: accommodating, avoiding, competing, collaborating and compromising.

The viewer will learn more about each position throughout the program. They are also shown all possible choices and how they can push things into a situation that is destructive or constructive. Dealing with Conflict will teach practical skills that produce positive outcomes. 

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