Days of Change

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6 minutes
Closed Captioning
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Most people can deal with significant change in their personal lives, yet have tremendous difficulties adapting when changes happen in the workplace. 

Days of Change presents concepts and ideas based on those of radio and TV counselor Philip Hodson. The viewer is treated to valuable information that help them reach the creative, positive and refreshing elements within them that can overcome negativity.

The video presents the subject from a personal point of view, helping individuals understand their own feelings, behavior and thoughts. This provides a unique perspective that nurtures an appreciation for how others handle change. It also provides a greater understanding in ourselves and those around us at work so we can better hone our coping skills when change does happen.

In Days of Change, the viewer will:

  • View stimulating content with a clear, easy to follow structure
  • Better understand the value of change
  • Learn from model guides that cover emotions, intellect and behavior
  • Equip staff with the skills they need to contribute to the organization

Please note: Due to contractual restrictions, Days of Change is only available for shipping to addresses in the United States.

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