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Are you paying attention to what is on your dashboard? Are you using accurate and appropriate measurements? Do you have a way of recognizing when meaningful growth and improvements are made (or movement in the opposite direction)?

This video presentation shares the story of one organization’s unique method of compiling and sharing the details of the overall health of their company.

Here we watch as Younger Brothers Construction finds itself struggling to transition from a company that’s just good to one that’s great. Employees had varied ideas of what the company’s goals really are. Everything that could be measured was, but no one seemed to understand how to apply the data in a way that was beneficial.

The management team comes together and creates a big company-wide goal which was simply to construct homes better, cheaper and faster. Once they had a goal in mind, they discovered that they would have to measure progress. In order to do that, metrics had to be prioritized and narrowed down for accurate tracking.

A consensus is reached and the proper measures were chosen. The team decided to create a business dashboard which was a graphical tool that contained vital factors related to performance. Much like the dashboard found in your car, this interface provided readings on the status of the company. If readings were in the green, then things were good. If they moved into red, then problems needed to be quickly addressed and solved. The dashboard was distributed to all employees so everyone was on the same page.

The dashboard completely changed the way Younger Brothers operated. The impact was dramatic and reached throughout the company. Profits and productivity went up, safety was improved and all employees could instantly see their contributions to the organization’s success.

Dashboard will provide trainees with the ability to: recognize a need for reliable measurements within a department or company, identify the metrics that effect performance and create plans to measure and act on metrics. 

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