Dangerous Games: Power and Control in Teen Dating Relationships

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Dating violence is dangerous and even can be lethal. It is critical that teens and adults understand its dynamics, and this new program by the producers of the popular video, "In Love and In Danger", helps by identifying the controlling behaviors that a teen may use against another in order to gain and maintain power and control in a dating relationship.

Three effective role-play vignettes deal with the issues, include "Control" about possessiveness and jealousy, "Friends" on helping friends in dating violence situations, and "Little Brother" about role modeling positive male behavior.

Dangerous Games shows teens how dating violence occurs, allows them to engage in meaningful discussion about the issues, helps them recognize and understand subtle, and not so subtle, abusive and controlling behaviors, and encourages them to develop trusting and respectful relationships.

Package Includes: 30 minute video and Study Guide

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