The Right Words at the Right Time Healthcare Version

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CD-ROM containing Leader's Guide and PowerPoint Presentation
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When poor service occurs in Healthcare, even the newest or least trained employee can suddenly become the face of your organization to a patient or family member. This practical and memorable program is specifically designed to empower healthcare staff with a clear checklist of Customer Service Recovery tools and techniques. From showing empathy and truly listening, to exploring with permission phrases and presenting options, front-line healthcare employees will learn how to match the signals they send with the words they say. A wide variety of realistic healthcare scenes, demonstrate the use of The Right Words at The Right Time, to overcome almost any service recovery challenge.


  • A family member complains about a long wait-time.
  • A patient demands a different doctor.
  • An elderly patient refuses more tests.
  • A patient demands a specific test.
  • A patient accuses the staff of thievery.
  • A patient objects to all the "foreigners" on staff.
  • A husband insists his test results be kept from his wife.

Having the exact words handy in a tense situation can make all the difference. Often, it is WHAT you say, as well as HOW you say it. This valuable training equips your staff with a step-by-step process of turning frustrations or complaints into understanding and solutions. When dealing with patients or family members who may not be at their best, it is all the more important that your staff is at their very best, and ready with The Right Words at The Right Time.

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