Customer Service Connection

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Good customer service skills require tact, consideration--even conflict management skills and successful companies put customers at the center of every decision and every transaction.

Professionally-acted scenes in a variety of businesses (bike shop, book store, machine shop) depict the universal importance of greeting customers, listening, evaluating customer needs, and responding appropriately. Phone skills are reviewed, as are the skills required to satisfy difficult customers.

Customer service staff will learn how to:

  • Manage rushed and chaotic situations.
  • Handle angry or manipulative customers.
  • Stay cool under pressure.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Communicate customer feedback throughout the organization.

Understanding customers requires sensitivity to customer cues and the ability to listen. Learn to respond to each customer's needs in ways that both please your customer and build your organization.

Instructor's Manual: ($17.95) - This 45-page booklet is designed to help facilitators present a professional training session, including discussion of the video content and short role-playing sessions. This manual is an add-on and does not come with the purchase of the DVD.

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