Curse of the Vanishing Employees

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Long, long ago in a faraway time, people would finish school and head right for the workforce. They would find a job and remain there until it was time to retire with their nice, cozy pension. Employees always understood their status with their employer and what was required to move up and reach their career goals.

Today things are much, much different. There are “Help Wanted” ads and signs all over the place, from the local gas station or fast food joint to the most prestigious and wealth corporations. Supervisors and managers are frantically searching to locate employees that are qualified and reliable in a labor pool that is growing smaller and smaller thanks to decreased unemployment rates and a need for skilled workers. 

As the competition grows fiercer, organizations must find alternatives to keep their operations manned and running. They can invest more time and money in hiring and recruiting or they can take on job candidates that are not qualified. Or, the third and most appealing solution: retain the qualified, productive workers they already hired and keep turnover at a minimum. 

The solution seems simple but it is easier said than done. Loyalty and security seem to be a thing of the past in the professional world. Organizations are forced to be innovative in the office or workplace. Tossing more money at an employee is not enough to keep them long term. Everyone wants a job that offers pay worthy of their abilities and that will keep food on the table and a roof over their head. Now there are other factors to consider that can influence an employee’s decision to stay or go. Unfortunately, many managers and supervisors think that worker retention is only handled at organizational levels. This is absolutely not true.  

Our video presentation explains the role supervisors, team leaders and managers have in the retention process. Three effective tactics are demonstrated that show ways to keep workers. The viewer will discover how to encourage loyalty while keeping employees motivated, adequately challenged and satisfied with their jobs. Also learn how to apply discipline the right way without demoralization and to be flexible without impacting productivity.


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