Creativity in Business Stanford Business Brief with Michael Ray

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Today’s ever-changing marketplace demands continued innovation. If you want to be successful, then everyone within your organization must be prepared to contribute. Creativity in Business presents methods and tips to help you learn how to deal with everyday challenges. Professor Michael Ray from the Stanford Graduate School of Business leads viewers through an enlightening conversation that can help you discover success despite the challenges.

Professor Ray explains the “inner creative essence” and where it comes from. Viewers learn how to use their four tools: faith, observation, questions and absence of judgment. Through these tools, professionals can encourage creativity in all endeavors and nurture flexibility that can be used to sidestep obstacles. Creativity in Business presents an engaging program that will:

  • Teach the audience how to unlock their inner creative essence and use it
  • Show the link between personal development and improved organizational creativity
  • Explain exercises that can be used to promote creativity on a personal level
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