Creating Winning Social Media Strategies Stanford Executive Brief with Charlene Li

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The relationships between customers and organizations has changed in recent years. This fundamental power transformation focuses on a two-way dialog rather than the classic one-way, seller-to-buyer approach. Social media technology has given buyers a louder voice, and one that can be heard at great distances.

Charlene Li holds a BA from Harvard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She is an often quoted analyst who has appeared on popular programs like ABC News, 60 Minutes, CNN, CNBC and News Hour with Jim Lehrer. Her views and insight hold great value, and in Creating Winning Social Media Strategies she offers up some potentially business-changing tidbits.

This presentation features modern methods with supporting examples from some of the biggest companies in the world, including Walmart, Southwest Airlines, Oracle, Starbucks and Comcast.  Li explains how a company can utilize social media to promote a dialog that is more personal and will lead to a better connection with customers. Viewers will discover how to identify the realist and optimist in an organization and how to prepare to let go of absolute control. This informative presentation will:

  • Discuss the way social media has changed business and customer interactions
  • Explain how to make the most of social media and build stronger customer relationships
  • Reveal how to jumpstart the process and improve your approach to marketing
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