Creating the Repeat Customer

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Join Emmy winner Ross Shafer as he shows you the work of the true customer service professional - the stand up comedian! If he doesn't give his comedy club audiences what they've come for--laughter--he's out of business. Sharing his experience, he takes our camera crew on a fast-paced tour of businesses where customer service is key--and other locations where the service ends up scaring customers away!

Attitude is a major factor in making your customers feel like more than just customers. Coming at customers with sarcasm or derision will probably send people fleeing from your establishment. A happy image both in person and over the phone puts your employees and your business in a positive light.

Learn the following customer service skills:

  • Make a good first (and lasting) impression.
  • Show competence by listening to customers.
  • Create personal relationships with your customers.
  • Give customers more service than they expect.
  • Resolve conflicts quickly.
  • Thank customers for their feedback.

This easy to watch DVD will keep your employees interested and best of all - make the learning fun.

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