Creating the Future Stanford Executive Brief with Dr. Gary Hamel

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The most significant risk for organizations today is irrelevancy. Barriers to incumbents have been broken down and a prime competitive position can be lost quickly. If a trend is missed, you may find that you can’t catch up. How can brands stay relevant without finding themselves in the pit of mediocrity where they won’t get noticed? The solution is to reinvent with meaning. Innovation is a component that must exist within every person within an organization. Each individual should help carry the responsibility of creating wealth for the whole. Strategic innovation is the only way to remain successful and get past incremental change.

In Creating the Future, Dr. Gary P. Hamel presents methods and information that can help organizations stay flexible and successful in today’s modern world. Dr. Hamel is founder of Stretegos and Visiting Professor of Strategic and International Management for the London School of Business. Through Creating the Future, viewers will:

  • Learn how to apply strategy innovation to stay relevant
  • Encourage a push away from incremental change
  • Discuss ways to build wealth in today’s fast paced market
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