Creating Infectious Action: How to Make Ideas Take Flight Stanford Business Brief with Jennifer Aaker

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In the past, many marketing models revolve around advocacy, or telling the consumer why they should buy a brand. A shift in modern business has put a focus on the ambassador model, or how the consumer can participate in a brand. This method thrives on social media, which provides an enormous platform that quickly distributes brand messaging to audiences and allows that audience to respond and participate. These are the vital elements of viral marketing.

Dr. Jennifer Aaker discusses this process and shares four components that are critical to a successful campaign. The first step is to create a goal that is clearly defined, measurable and actionable. It should also be compelling and have the potential to bring about the contagious feelings of happiness. Next, the brand should grab the attention of its audience trough unexpected triggering or a visual hook. A good example of this is the cancer awareness ribbons, which appear in many forms all over the world.

Next, an engaging story should be told that can make a strong emotional connection and is shareable over a variety of media. Finally, empower others to take action to work towards your goal by spreading the word. Creating Infectious Action will:

  • Discuss the components of a successful viral marketing campaign
  • Explain the power of audience participation
  • Show how social media can change the way brands spread awareness
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