Creating A Drug-Free Workplace: Back On Track

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Alcohol and drug-abuse pose a major threat to an organization’s goals. Creating a Drug-Free Workplace: Back on Track program looks into the need to maintain a drug-free environment at work.

Creating a drug-free environment helps maximize your level of productivity and reach the desired levels of success without any delays or accidents resulting from drug abuse by employees. Fewer accidents also mean fewer workers’ compensation costs. As an employer, you would be strengthening your company’s commitment to employee well-being and in compliance with the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act.

This video-based program provides guidelines for management to make the workplace a safer place. Employees are provided in-depth information about the pitfalls of drug-abuse and the benefits of going drug-free.

Training Points:

  • Creating a Drug-free Workplace
  • Signs of Drug-abuse to Look For
  • How and Where to Seek Help
  • How and When to Intervene
  • How Drug and Alcohol Abuse Affects Personal and Professional Lives
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