Crane Safety

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There are a wide variety of cranes that people employ to make heavy lifting jobs easier. They allow people to hoist weight that otherwise would need a lot of manpower and possible risk of injury to transport.  Although helpful, they are powerful and carry a risk that could cause injury to not only the operator but other people around them. Staying focused is critical because if cargo falls from a great height there is nothing that can be done to protect those below. The speed at which it could fall could kill people in its path as they will not have the time to get away in time. At the very least equipment costing thousands could be damaged beyond repair.

The Crane safety DVD was made to reinforce the fact that only ten per cent of accidents were not preventable by following protocol.

The aspects of safety include:

  • Preparing physically and mentally.
  • Inspecting all equipment properly.
  • How to asess risk.
  • The use of different cranes and associated risks.
  • How to operate devices that are in place for safety.
  • The cranes workings.
  • How to use your hand to signal someone out of earshot.
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