Crane Safety in Construction Environments

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Cranes were originally created so that items of heavy weight could be transported quickly with the least man power and disruption possible. The only problem is that in order to lift such weights the machines were created so powerful that in the wrong hands they could be a weapon causing injury and death to both operators and those around at the time. All it takes for an accident to occur is a momentary distraction or misjudgment which is why being focused at all times and appreciating the power of the crane could help to prevent an accident occurring in the first place.

This crane safety DVD accurately shows how the majority of crane related accidents could have been prevented.  Being ahead of the game and knowing what could go wrong is a great tool in keeping both yourself and your colleagues safe.

Included topics on the DVD are:

  • Inspecting your equipment properly.
  • How to operate the safety devices.
  • Procedures that should be followed when operating a crane.
  • Safety when using Boom Cranes.
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