Coyote Power: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive with Joel Weldon

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75 minutes
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For years human beings have tried to exterminate the coyote, yet they continue to survive and increase in numbers. How is this possible? They have learned to adapt to change, work as a team and have developed tremendous bravery. In this fast-paced, energetic seminar, Joel Weldon introduces us to the way of the coyote and how we can use their phenomenal ability to survive as a guide for our own lives.

For three decades, Joel Weldon has been a guru to the world's leading companies and it’s no wonder. His passion is contagious and his information timeless. Let Joel take your employees through his techniques and strategies to achieve excellence in this inspiring seminar.

Training Points:

  • How to adapt to change and become more creative.
  • How to become a better team player.
  • How to pinpoint and develop relationships with the people who are most important.
  • How to set your goals so they can be accomplished in 30-day increments.
  • Learn age-old survival tactics.
  • And more.
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