Corporate Legends and Lore: The Power of Storytelling as a Management Tool Stanford Executive Brief with Peg Neuhauser

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Every organization, regardless of size, industry, scope or specialty, has its own set of lore and legends that are woven into its identity. These tales possess enormous power that can influence productivity, motivate staff and help implement changes. When well-polished and shared, one such story can accomplish more than sending a thousand memos to employees. In Corporate Legends and Lore, seasoned consultant Peg Neuhauser shows how to tell a variety of these stories so that they have maximum impact. From the survivor or hero story to the “kick in the pants” or “letting off steam” tale, these corporate legends can be tremendously influential. This interesting presentation will:

  • Help viewers discover their organization’s legends and lore
  • Discuss the influence corporate stories can have on employees
  • Share methods for using lore and legends to maximum effect
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