Coping with Difficult People Part 2 - TANKS, SUPER-AGREEABLES & COMPLAINERS

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29 minutes
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Surviving a toxic workplace! Difficult people are everywhere, and dealing with unprofessional colleagues can be frustrating. Part 2: TANKS, SUPER-AGREEABLES & COMPLAINERS takes on three of the six personality types proving to be a hindrance to your performance at work.

This video explains the different personality types and also teaches you the right skills to arm yourself with. You will be adept at identifying the problem people, assessing the situation and taking concrete action.

Training Points:

  • How to ‘pause’ the Constant Talker
  • How to Get the Know-it-all Who Must Have the Last Word to Listen
  • How to Let the Sniper Know that Snide Remarks are Not Acceptable
  • How to Understand the criticizer’s mind
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