Conversation Strategies for Creating Preeminence: How to Make Every Meeting, Every Relationship and Every Moment Count with Mike Lipkin

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This inspiring seminar focuses on making every moment of your life count. South African Mike Lipkin hosts this one-of-a-kind program which will motivate you to make every meeting, conversation and interaction an extraordinary experience that inspires others to be their best. Mike show us that through practical strategies how we can captivate our audience by listening more attentively, speaking charismatically and adding value to the conversation. You will walk away feeling more confident in your ability to communicate effectively in both your personal and professional life.

Mike Lipkin is an internationally renowned speaker who has educated over a million people on how to become a conversation skills expert. Now, you can bring his practical advice to your organization with this video based seminar.

Training Points:

  • When you have a meeting, make it memorable.
  • How to motivate others through conversation.
  • How to develop great listening skills.
  • How to be a person the others seek advice from.
  • How to add pizazz to your conversations.
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