Continuous Motivation

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We live by encouragement and that is the gist of the subject matter covered in Continuous Motivation. This management training program provides a magical and exciting experience with the presence of Harry Anderson from Night Court and Cheers, who excels in his role of a magical guru counseling a disappointed manager whose team has gone lifeless from lack of inspiration.

A management classic, Continuous Motivation makes learning fun for your managers and supervisors. Harry Anderson, famous for his performance in Night Court and Dave’s World, will teach your team the importance of Continuous Motivation in the workplace.

Video Synopsis: This humorous video training course shows Byron, a frustrated manager struggling to meet a tight deadline while his team doesn’t really care.  He tries hard to get them interested in the project, but nothing works. He gets help from the magical Harry Anderson, who shows the manager how easy it is to motivate a team, without spending much money – all he needs is a plan.

Your team will enjoy the step-by-step methodical manner in which Harry takes Byron through the entire process of creating a plan and putting it into action. The magical touches that Harry provides create a fun element – but the real magic is the results achieved by the now confident ‘no-longer frustrated’ Byron.

Such results are not restricted to Byron. The video enables you and your team to achieve similar results in your workplace every single day – with Continuous Motivation.

Motivation levels and reasons are different in every individual. Find out what they are!

  • Identify the Best Performance to be Rewarded
  • Understand the Power of the “Positive”
  • Follow the "Catch your Employees Doing Something Right" Method (also covers what that “something” can be)
  • Praise Based on Performance to Enhance Future Performance
  • Explain The Returns on Quick Rewards
  • What Motivates Employees According to Them (no cash investment) 
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