Conflict Resolution in the Office

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When you work in an office you almost certainly have to work with other people. We were not built as robots and all have our own views on things, which is fine unless a disagreement of opinion escalates into something that could affect the whole workplace.

When a problem is not dealt with it can escalate out of control because no one wants to back down from what they feel is right. By intervening early with conflict resolution, problems can be alleviated and the workplace can once again become a harmonious place.

Finding the solution is not always straightforward, especially when you are directly involved or feel victimized. However by following conflict resolution strategies there are ways that you can minimize the damage in the short and long term.   This DVD program will give you the tools you need to diffuse situations in an amicable way that is satisfactory for both parties. 

Main Training Points:

  • The possible results of not dealing with problems straight away.
  • How colleagues can help one another to resolve difference in opinion.
  • The main problems that cause conflict.
  • How to stop a problem before it goes too far.
  • How a small disagreement can end up affecting everyone.
  • The tools you need to stop an argument getting out of control.
  • How to use methods that have already been shown to work to help your situation
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