Conflict Resolution in Industrial Facilities

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People are diverse.  We all have different backgrounds and experiences and naturally when people with differences are put together there will be conflict. When this happens in the workplace it can hinder production and quality, which is why it is so important to put resolution practices in place.  Rather than leaving the situation to turn into something that could end up volatile it is better to try to resolve it sooner rather than later.

The main thing to remember is that conflict is usually born of someone actually caring so much to defend their beliefs, but unfortunately it can turn into something ugly and what begins as the odd cruel word can actually end up leading to threats or in the worst case scenario a violent meltdown.

This DVD was created to help resolve problems before they get out of hand and teaches techniques in which the managerial bodies can work with both parties to resolve the problem.  It is also great to encourage employees to deal with difference in opinion in a non-confrontational way that does not cause harm to any other people in the workplace. 

The main topics that have been included are:

  • What can happen if a conflict gets out of hand.
  • How others that are not directly involved can help in the resolution.
  • What the main causes of workplace conflict are.
  • Methods to dissolve the argument.
  • The damage that can be caused to the whole company by unresolved conflict.
  • How working as a team is the best tool.
  • How to use techniques that have already been shown to be effective.
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