Compliance is Just the Beginning

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Ethics and law are not one in the same. Many believe if they are within the guidelines of the law, they are acting ethically. This however is not true and when employees use the law as a means for gauging ethics, there can be adverse consequences. 

Help your employees to make real ethical decisions at work. After watching this video, they will know how to use the law as a simple beginning for determining what is morally right. Easy to follow, it is divided into two separate modules. This includes:

Program One – 3 Steps to Ethical Decisions 

In this 24 minute video, your staff will be given an overview of ethics and the law. Hosted by an Enron executive, a panel is used to discuss how business pressures can cause leaders to make impulsive decisions that can have dire results. Corporate social and executive responsibilities are also a part of the discussions along with three steps (the Compliance Test, he Ripple Effect and the Gut Check) to making sound ethical decisions. 

Program Two – Ethical Situations to Consider

32 minutes in length, this video features eight short stories that illustrate common ethical concerns in the workplace. 

Include this two-part video in your managerial or supervisory training. It will also make a great addition to a team building conference or seminar. 

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