Communication Nightmares: Solutions to Your Top Communication Problems

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Studies talk about managers with good communication skills and engaged employees. Yet managers often lack the knowledge and skills to be good communicators. Communication Nightmares teaches managers the steps they need to take to become stronger communicators.

Good communication within an organization is linked to low turnover, high productivity and employee engagement. Communication problems create confusion and distrust in employees, and negatively impact the implementation of corporate goals and strategies.

Communication Nightmares explains the causes and symptoms of communication problems and how to identify them in your organization. It goes into detail on how you can turn difficult conversations into effective ones.

This video offers the motivation you seek to overcome all the communication worries in your organization. It explains the need to mentally be strong to take the initiative to understand, in the most formidable situations; the need for a higher level of commitment to take on challenges until your message is clearly understood.  These tips will help you pick up pace at work and improve workplace communication.

Video Synopsis: Communication Nightmares brings you an engrossing dramatization of coworkers with personality conflicts struggling to communicate with each other: a boss who does not believe in listening to his employee, an employee seeking the limelight in a group discussion, an employee who constantly interrupts and an employee struggling to express herself. These dramatizations show how appropriate techniques can be used to address and improve every one of those situations.

Training Points:

  • Get to the Root of an Issue
  • Get into the Shoes of the Other Person
  • Make Sure your Words, Tone of Voice and the Body - Speak the Same Language
  • Offer and Seek Feedback
  • Lighten the Tension of a Difficult Discussion

When communication nightmares are an everyday thing at your workplace, it can lead to stress at work and in your personal lives. No two people are alike and some have the most annoying habits of being defensive, not listening to others, dominating or plain irritating. 

Communication Nightmares has specific examples to explain how to deal with such people and turn the situation around in your favor.

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