Communication in Healthcare

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Everyone has experienced a moment of misunderstanding at some point. Sometimes those misunderstandings can lead to small mistakes or funny situations. For healthcare workers, miscommunication can be much more serious. 

Many factors can create obstacles when it comes to clear communication. Excessive noise, a lack of context or unasked questions can mean major mishaps when working with patients. Communication in Healthcare presents ways to overcome the obstacles so every employee knows how to be a part of a successful exchange of information. This team-building program uses drama and humor to engage the viewer while discussing:

  • Potential dangers that can come from discrepancies in what is heard versus what is said
  • How an incorrect interpretation of even one word can damage a healthcare professional’s ability to provide the best care to patients
  • Just how important concise and accurate communication and how to provide it every time with five effective steps
  • The power of words and how the right ones can prevent a serious problem and improve the way we work

There are many small things that can lead to big communication problems. This video proves it with scenes that show a woman’s frustrating search for her husband, the backlash of incorrect billing codes, confusing writing on a prescription and a misheard conversation regarding a patient’s status. 

Healthcare professionals know that words can be a lifeline for patients. Communication in Healthcare will assist your team as they learn to harness the true power of words in the workplace. Viewers will find communication success by utilizing the five stages conveyed in the video, which include:

  • The Speaker launches a thought
  • The Language includes specific words
  • The Environment is distraction-free and organized
  • The Listener hears or reads the message
  • Thorough Feedback is provided to ensure that both parties completely understand 
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