Communication Breakdown

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The ability to communicate can be considered the most powerful quality a human being possesses. The modern organization uses this attribute extensively to fulfill its goals and objectives. Communication Breakdown is a training course that is designed to meet these requirements. It offers your employees immediate and practical help to avoid or deal with existing communication problems in the workplace.

This video training course will identify the root of “seven” of the most common problems with the potential to damage your organization, and guide you in taking the right steps to resolve them effectively.

The Seven Training Points:

  • Conflicting Perceptions
  • Making Wrong Choices
  • Inability to Handle Criticism
  • Inability to Manage Information
  • Lack of Direct Communication
  • Failing to Maintain Confidentiality
  • Not possessing Listening Skills

Communication problems are a result of different attitudes and values. They decrease productivity and have a direct impact on organizational success. Overcome this by training your employees in communication skills. 

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