Collaborative Entrepreneurship: Creating Wealth Through Networked Firms Stanford Executive Brief with Raymond Miles

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The global economy in the 21st century forces advanced nations like the U.S. to learn how to live by their wits. Many business practices that have been used in past years have a tendency to counteract innovation. Managerial approaches and organizational designs must be made to meet with today’s frequent and sometimes dramatic changes.

In Collaborative Entrepreneurship, Professor Emeritus and former Dean of Walter A. Haas School of Business Raymond E. Miles brings his experience to the audience. The professor shares a model that can meet with today’s turbulent business environment. Through the conversation, Professor Miles shares how to establish a community of firms to leverage the knowledge of a larger group. He also shares methods to build prosperity through collaboration innovation. This enlightening discussion will:

  • Explain how self-managed projects can encourage innovation
  • Share how to recruit new firms and establish collaboration protocols
  • Discuss the cycle of creating first then calculating later among collaborative firms
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