Chilean Mine Rescue: The Unstoppable Team

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The world’s attention was focused on the South American country of Chile for many years. Thirty-three Chilean miners trapped under 2000 feet of rock were rescued successfully, after 68 days underground. The extraordinary story of courage and tenacity is a reflection of an amazing team effort that truly paid off in the end. Now, how does this riveting story of survival and team work apply to you?

This is a video that discusses that many lessons you and everyone else can learn about the Chilean miners’ rescue. The operation’s success can be translated to your own situation. Although you may not be facing life & death decisions when it comes to your team’s current activities, the principles still apply.

There are three key elements for a team to be successful. These are:

  • Having a common objective that inspires all the members of the team. The goal must be very clearly-defined.
  • Having the necessary resources and skills that the project requires. Variety and diversity are essential factors as well.
  • Having the capability to turn any disaster into success.

Viewing time is 20 minutes and this presentation comes with the Leader's Guide and PowerPoint slide show. These are the training points that we intend to focus on with this program:

  • Rallying effective and connected people around clearly defined objectives.
  • Communicating and reinforcing the vision (the bigger picture) effectively to motivate, inspire, and encourage team members.
  • Identify skills and use them optimally for the success of the undertaking.
  • Forging alliances and partnerships with the purpose of expanding knowledge and skills.
  • Being open to alternatives, emerging trends, and new ideas.
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