Child Abuse

For healthcare providers and other mandatory reporters, recognizing child abuse is essential to protecting innocent patients. Abuse runs rampant across demographics, affecting children of every age, income level, and race, and it’s typical for the abuse to be hidden carefully. However, there are signs that can help individuals recognize instances of abuse, and our training video selection provides the inside knowledge your staff needs to provide effective, compassionate care.

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A common misconception is that abuse only occurs in certain “types” of families. Yet all too often, abusers are simply ordinary people caught up in very stressful situations; rather than handling the situation healthily, they lash out at children. This misconception results in many cases of child abuse going unreported. Our training videos enable employees to look for signs in behavior and signs in the child rather than focusing on what a family or it’s individual members look or act like. For example, rather than assuming that a child isn’t neglected because his or her parents are attentive during an exam, our videos teach employees to look for signs of malnutrition in the child, including something seemingly innocuous as hoarding food.


By focusing on symptoms rather than demographics or the controlled behavior presented by families in the face of a professional, our training videos empower nurses, doctors, and other mandatory reporters to look for symptoms instead, ultimately leading to better all-around care. Our child abuse training videos focus on each type of abuse separately, breaking information down into easy to understand formats that allow your staff to do their jobs successfully.

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