Character in Action: The United States Coast Guard on Leadership

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The author of the bestseller "Lincoln on Leadership,” Donald T. Phillips used the United States Coast Guard as an example in demonstrating what the highest characteristics of true leadership are.

This film will inspire viewers with it uplifting message. The goal of the film is to motivate the viewers into instilling three main strategies on how to effectively exercise leadership so that any organization becomes more productive.

First of all, viewers will learn about the culture of an organization that consists of common customs & beliefs as well as shared values that determine how the member of the organization interact with one another to fulfill their mandate.

The second strategy involves teaching viewers how to promote the team over oneself. There are studies which back up claims that when a group (average) exercises team work, they are more productive (1/3 increase). If this is translated to an above-average consolidation of individuals then so much more can be achieved.

Last of all, a bias for action will be inculcated into the viewers especially now that changes constantly happen within organizations. Leaders can very well create a work atmosphere and culture of action and optimism. All they need to do is make sure that personnel are given the prerogative to act on their initiative, and provide empowerment and decisiveness.

The leaders of any organization will soon develop the following:

  • An understanding of core values of the organization.
  • Identification of qualities that team members ought to have.
  • Recognizing the key components of team work in an organization.
  • Assuring empowerment of people so that they can assist in making decisions.

The video demonstrates how the US Coast Guard puts in to practice these and many more ideal leadership qualities. You will then have a better idea on how these principles may be applied to your organization.

The package contains a comprehensive guide and a 23-minute video.

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