Change and Innovation through Brainstorming

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Brain storming is one of the most effective ways to promote change and innovation in an organization.  Change is inevitable and embracing it is the only way to survive.  Work teams that brain storm looking for new ideas are better able to navigate changing business environments and ultimately achieve success for their organization.

Join author and comedian John Sweeney on an engaging and humorous ride through the world of brainstorming.  John dispels common misconceptions about brainstorming and challenges work teams to accept the promise of every new idea.  Answers to complex problems sometimes lie in the most peculiar places.  Accepting that a new idea can come from any source will open up minds to all possibilities. 

The video is an ideal way to begin a meeting and inspire your team to seek new ideas.  It includes an all employee version and a separate 12 minute leader’s version.  If your organization is looking for an optimist and inspired approach to creative business solutions in a rapidly changing world then, Change and Innovation Through Brainstorming is an awesome choice.

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