Carrie's Choice

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This award-winning new program is the story of Carrie, a 37 year-old woman with a fulfilling career and loving husband who is about to give birth to her first child. The impending birth has Carrie thinking back to when she was 19 years-old and a college sophomore with a prestigious scholarship abroad the next fall. She falls for a fellow student, and despite her roommate's best advice, she relies on the pullout method for birth control. When she finally goes to Planned Parenthood to get on the pill, it is too late. She is already pregnant. After seriously examining all her choices and consulting with her boyfriend, roommate, and clergyman she makes the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy. She goes back to Planned Parenthood for the procedure, after which the staff emphasizes the importance of using protection, and offers her choices that will help her reproductive health decisions.

Carrie's Choice is about making choices in one's life that are best for that person. While Carrie does choose to terminate her pregnancy she can look back and be confident that she made the right decision for herself. Pro-choice stands for women being able to have a Choice regarding all aspects of their own bodies - the choice to have or not have sex, to use or not use birth control and when using birth control, the choice of what kind of birth control, and then finally, if faced with an unwanted pregnancy, the examination of all of their options, each one valid in its own right. The program emphasizes that making the right choices from the beginning of a relationship, and being educated about, and making use of, contraception can prevent problems later.

Product Contents: 24 minute DVD or VHS

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