Care and Candor: Making Performance Appraisals Work

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Be descriptive, not judgmental; be supportive, not authoritarian; reflect equality, not superiority – and endless other qualities contribute to the making of a successful manager. The Care and Candor video training program teaches your managers how to cultivate the skills to conduct appraisal discussions that are more enlightening and productive.

The appraisal process is more often than not filled with dread both for the manager and the employee. Care and Candor assesses the attributes that eliminate this dread and help develop relationships.

This performance appraisal training course demonstrates how positive and friendly appraisals accomplish the goal of increased motivation levels among employees, which in turn has an impact on overall productivity.

Video synopsis:  Brad, a manager with no experience receives a lesson in conducting successful appraisals. The source?  James, an intern!  With his youthful enthusiasm for a well-conducted appraisal, James manages to inspire Brad to re-evaluate his own appraisal style.

Key Training Points:

  • Preparing Well and in Advance for the Meeting
  • Exercising Care and Candor When Discussing Performance
  • Making a Distinction in Person vs. Behavior
  • Collaborative Goal-Setting
  • Reinforcing the Positives

The Care and Candor program imparts critical skills to managers and has the power to potentially change attitudes. Allow your management team to bring about a positive change in your organization.

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