Can You Spare a Moment?

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25 minutes
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Can You Spare a Moment addresses the challenges of dealing with counselling employees. Viewers are treated to a series of situations that explain how to (and how not to) handle employees in delicate situations. Four stages to counselling are presented, including setting up an interview, getting people to talk through open questions, helping the individual work through the issue and helping the individual come up with a solution on their own.

Managers will learn how to identify impending problems and create a situation that permits the employee to speak about it. The manager will discover the right way to handle these sometimes difficult encounters without imposing a solution while remaining friendly and neutral.

Can You Spare a Moment will present:

  • Valuable information for new or inexperienced managers
  • Information that can supplement interview skills and management courses
  • Realistic drama situations presented in lighthearted ways

This program includes John Cleese with segments featuring the UK Office’s Ricky Gervais. Can You Spare a Moment? is also available in French and Spanish and can only be shipped to addresses in the United States.

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