Call of the Mummy DVD

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Customer service teams are crucial to the success of any business. Often customers draw conclusions about an organization based upon their experience with a customer service representative. Ultimately, they may choose to work with, or not do business with a company based upon this experience. Consequently, customer service representatives are the heart and soul of any business.

  • Often customers are upset or angry when they contact customer service. Still however, this employee is expected to  be empathetic, patient and understanding while offering solutions to the customer’s problems. Although challenging, when armed with the right knowledge and training, a customer service representative can be all of this and more.

Our Call of the Mummy training module is specific to telephone customer service representatives.  Entertaining yet educational, it offers a comprehensive course for both new and seasoned employees. Along with basic “do’s” and “dont’s” of customer service, the video utilizes examples from various industries including government, for-profit and health care.  It teaches eight important skills for quality customer care which include:

1.      The importance of good communication skills.

2.      Having a throughout knowledge of products and services offered.

3.      Be attentive. Provide personal care and attention.

4.      Listen and be sure you understand the problem or concern.

5.      Accept complaints.

6.      Respond to complaints with a plan of action.

7.      Keep your cool.

8.      Use this opportunity to make a sale if possible.

With social media, one bad complaint can be costly to your business. Therefore, it is important that you provide your telephone customer service team with the tools needed to keep loyal customers and potentially earn new ones through referrals and recommendations. 

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