But I Don't Have Customers

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Raise awareness of internal customer service. But I Don’t Have Customers is a video-based training that will help your employees learn how to value and respect each other, which in turn, results in better performance in your organization.

The competitive environment today demands the need to retain customers for the long-term and great emphasis is placed on customer service.  But there continues to be a segment of customers who are neglected and taken for granted – the internal customers. This neglect has an impact on the efficiency of your organization.

This unforgettable program concentrates on the attitudes and behaviors that make the internal customers feel valued so the organization benefits from this union. Your employees will learn how to serve the internal customers in a befitting manner by asking questions, listening to them and fulfilling their promises. This leads to a positive work environment.

Key Learning Points:

  • How to Meet Internal Customer Expectations by Prioritizing their Needs.
  • How to Treat Internal Deadlines with Respect and Ensure Commitments are Fulfilled.
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