But I Don't Have Customers (Government Version)

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What you do as an internal provider affects what internal customers in your organization do, which in turn affects your external customers.  This video training is specifically designed to teach government employees how to offer people within the organization the same level of customer service extended to external customers.

Internal customers are generally taken for granted, which affects productivity in government organizations. The lack of commitment to serve internal customers shows itself to external customers.

The emphasis of this program is on the link between the internal and external customer service. It shows how your employees can take productivity levels in your organization to a new high by addressing the common issues of internal customers.

The program teaches vital techniques on how to master the skills of keeping internal customers happy and satisfied.

Key Learning Points:

  • How to Make the Internal Customers Feel Heard. Listen. Pay attention.
  • How to Make the Internal Customers Feel Understood and Helped.
  • How to Provide What was Promised Accurately and Dependably.
  • How to Communicate with Coworkers Efficiently to Improve Relations.
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