Small businesses and large corporations are on the look out for business mentorship programs to help facilitate a more successful business model for their companies. They want to help modify employee methods of operating within the company in order to increase desirable business outcomes. 

[ continue reading ] has a variety of mentoring training videos for those desiring to become business mentors. Business mentoring can advance the productivity and power of a company and its employees. What is business mentoring? Business mentoring is a process by which a person with considerable business expertise comes in to offer employees mentorship in an effort to hone their skills and become a more effective part of an organization.


Not to be confused with business coaching, business mentoring seeks to enhance the personal development of people who are well versed in the technical skills necessary to perform their duties, but need sharpening in other areas. Who is a good mentee? A good candidate for mentorship should be ready to receive feedback in order to have growth. The mentee must realize that they are the ones in need of improvement and take the responsibility of the mentorship relationship. They will need to know what it is they want to accomplish with the business mentoring relationship and set objectives for their development.


A good mentee will be proactive in their own mentorship and keep a record of their progress to note their improvements. The mentee will be prepared to follow through and complete their mentoring program to achieve the most advancement in their business. Who is a good mentor? A skillful business mentor will possess qualities that allow him or her to establish strong, beneficial relationships with mentees. A business mentor must first have an aspiration to help others with their growth and development. This person is always conscious of their self when dealing with mentees and longs to share experiences and feedback. A mentee will not learn well from someone they do not feel listens to or understands them.


A effective business mentor should possess strong listening skills and have a sensitivity to the cultural and gender differences of mentees. The business mentor should of course be knowledgeable in how an organization functions, what its goals and drives are, and who are its key players. They provide a structure in their business mentoring relationships while still being available and open to the mentee. The business mentor will provide the mentee with easy-to-emulate demonstrations on how to enhance their conduct.


What are the benefits of business mentoring? Business mentoring results in a positive efficient development of the mentee and a rewarding fulfillment of the mentor. The relationship facilitates a reduce in risk when making decisions for the mentee. It forces them to focus their energy and make positive progress more quickly: this allows for more business opportunities for the mentee. The mentor benefits with increased job satisfaction, personal development and self-awareness. As they have more and more successful mentorships they develop a more visible profile within an organization. provides these instructional DVDs to help a person desiring to become a business mentor achieve these goals and more. Visit and begin your journey to become one of those many fulfilled and sought after business mentors.

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