Built to Change: How to Achieve Sustained Organizational Effectiveness Stanford Executive Brief with Edward Lawler & Christopher Worley

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Most organizations focus on remaining stable rather than flexible. With the extreme competitiveness of today’s markets, it’s vital that organizations learn how to adapt to frequent change. Long term planning must be replaced by a series of short term advantages. Their connections with the outside world must be expanded upon while leadership is driven even at the company’s lowest levels. Decision makers who manage change and get results should be rewarded.

Research scientist Christopher Worley and Professor Edward Lawler present a number of actionable methods that allow you to build communication processes, structures, human resource management practices, strategies and more that will allow your company to facilitate change.

Lawler is a professor at the Marshall School of Business. He also founded and directs the school’s Center for Effective Organizations. Lawler authored Treat People Right! and serves as a consultant for many major corporations.  Christopher Worley works at the Center for Effective Organizations and previously served as director at the Center for Effective Organizations. This presentation will:

  • Dispel the myth that people are universally resistant to change
  • Explain why as much as 80% of all large scale change efforts end in failure
  • Prepare the viewer to avoid the common pitfalls of dealing with change
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