Building the Market-Focused Culture Stanford Business Brief with Hayagreeva Rao

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Organizations who gain an edge in their industries are those that are completely driven by the ebb and flow of the market. They consistently outperform and rise above the competition. These organizations maintain their position by segmenting markets and offering up high value to their demographic. While a sound market strategy is important, it isn’t the only thing needed for success.

The organization’s culture must also be in line with these factors. Employee stress must be kept at a minimum and turnover rates must also be low. The workforce must be productive, in touch with the needs of customers and self-selected in order to get the organization where it wants to be.

This presentation features professor Rao who has led workshops for many well-known companies, including Aon, McDonalds, British Petroleum, General Electric, Bristol-Meyers, the FBI and Microsoft. He earned his PhD at Case Western Reserve University and taught classes at the University of Michigan, Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and Emory. This valuable program will:

  • Explain the importance of a market focus and how it removes unprofitable customers
  • Reveal how influential employees are and how they impact your brand and reputation
  • Discuss why competitors attempt to mimic your focus, but won’t be able to
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