Building a Feedback-Positive Organization Stanford Executive Brief with David Bradford & Scott Brady

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Leaders must hire individuals based on potential. That means that one of the most important things you do as a leader is to help develop others. Feedback is essential to helping people improve and expand their skills. A good leader should be capable of supplying constructive feedback that is both honest and motivating. If feedback is taken negatively, it can impact the individual’s development and growth.

Feedback often centers on the distance between what is expected to be done and what a person is doing incorrectly. There are times when the focus really should be on what the person is doing correctly and how they can perform even better. A

David Bradford is co-author of Power Up: Transforming Organizations through Shared Responsibility Leadership and Managing for Excellence. In Building a Feedback-Positive Organization, he takes a closer look at how to create a feedback-rich organization. His first person perspective includes information on how feedback allowed his organization to thrive and grow. Building a Feedback-Positive Organization will:

  • Explain how face to face feedback can completely change an organization
  • Share the 3 building blocks to becoming a feedback-positive organization
  • Discuss how to transform mistakes into learning opportunities
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