Breakthrough Thinking with James Mapes: Practical Insights for Influencing Your Mind and Your Results Program

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Having great success in life in large part is a result of your imagination. Successful people in every profession have the ability to think creatively and innovate new ideas. In this compelling new creativity seminar James Mapes challenges us to use our mind to create success. He stresses that visualizing a better future with optimism opens up our mind to new possibilities and that an understanding of the conscious and subconscious mind is paramount when harnessing the great powers your mind possesses.

For over three decades James Mapes has helped businesses and individuals develop skills in the area’s creativity and change for over 30 years. Now you can have this award-winning actor, writer and speaker educate your organization on the power of the mind in creating innovation and change.

Training Points:

  • Pinpoint your most important personal values and beliefs.
  • How the subconscious mind influences success.
  • How to change negative thought into positive ones.
  • Learn about the most stunning miracle of the mind.
  • How to create positive change and reach your goals.
  • And more
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