Brain Selling: Innovative Strategies for Converting Prospects into Clients with Patrick Schul

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90 minutes
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The world has changed drastically and so has your customers. This program hosted by Dr. Patrick Schul will show you how traditional sales and marketing methods don’t necessarily work in today’s world and what you need to change to maximize your profitability. More than ever, consumers use their brains to make decisions. Customers are savvier than ever and the ability to engage and hold their attention takes a new and improved way of marketing. This program will show you how to improve your oral and written presentations to fit today’s changing marketplace.

Training Points:

  • Learn how consumers process information today.
  • New ways that customers discern differences.
  • How to connect with your customers.
  • How to use emotion to illicit engagement.
  • Keeping it simple.
  • How visual aspects are important today.
  • Using novelty to get results.
  • How making your presentation a story will improve sales
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