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Entertaining but very educational, this 10-minute video is ideal for customer service, supervisor and managerial trainings. With animation and fun scenes, psychologist Peter Quarry teaches the boomerang theory. He shares how our treatment of others will determine how they treat us in exchange. Dr. Quarry uses the story of Bill, a manager who does not have the cooperation of his team. They resist change, lack respect for his leadership and fail to hear his directions. After a co-worker shares the boomerang concept with Bill, he takes a look in the mirror and changes his behavior which results in positive changes in his staff.

After viewing this DVD, your team will be motivated to:

  • Treat people with kindness knowing they will likely return their kindness.
  • Do an honest self-assessment to determine what feedback or responses they are receiving and why.
  • Build stronger, more productive teams that work cooperatively together based using the boomerang theory.

This video includes a reproducible workbook to help stimulate conversation and reinforce learning.  It will also make a great addition to a team-building conference, workshop or seminar. 

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