Beyond Customer Service - Gracious Hospitality the Biltmore Way

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23 minutes
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This training course provides an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at a team that focuses on customer care. Discover how employees impact a guests' experiences and what lessons can be learned from good, courteous service. While presenting a story, the course also supplies proven tips and methods that can dramatically improve the way you and your staff approach customers.

Viewers are given hands-on activities through the included workbook. Employees can see how they impact customer satisfaction and discover ways to improve their current approach. More happy customers means a better reputation for you and your organization.

Get started today and begin an important learning opportunity that can take your service offerings to the next level. This presentation was produced by the Biltmore Center for Professional Development and contains the must-know "Gracious Hospitality" secrets which can be implemented immediately.  Beyond Customer Service will:

  • Encourage repeat business through positive employee-customer interactions
  • Prepare your workforce to supply the best customer service possible
  • Give you and your staff the tools needed to generate more revenue
  • Include video training and a workbook to reinforce the material presented
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